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There are those of us who thrive on chaos. But not just for the sake of chaos. It is what the chaos represents. It’s life being lived and loved and for us it’s loud! It’s memories being forged. It is relationships being fostered and held dear. That’s the kind of chaos I live for and love.

It’s Meagan napping on the couch with her niece Maesie on her chest. It’s Uncle Jay with his our grandson Oliver being carried into the family room sideways under his arm laughing the whole time. It’s Courtney, with “new mom eyes” sitting peacefully on the couch, watching her little one being loved. It’s Kelsey on the floor playing wildly with her nephew and niece Rylind and Kyrie much to their delight. It’s conversations being had between my husband and “our boys” (yes, you would call them son-in-laws, but to us they are so much more) It’s great grandma and grandpa sitting in the dining room finishing their pie and coffee, enough out of the way of all the “chaos” but with a clear view of it all. It’s that there’s enough noise and laughter that Justin joins the group plopping down in the chair with his legs draped over one of the arms so that he gets to be right in the mix. And yes, all of this happening at the same time.

It’s this chaos that I get to savor in the moment and for years to come. It’s watching our goals and dreams lived out as our kids have become friends, as their kids, the cousins, are now building relationships. It’s our family that loves each other and wants to come home to spend time together. It’s the mix of the generations all in one household. It’s so much more than I deserve, but it’s what we have worked for, prayed for and been oh so blessed with because of a generous God that knows the desires of my heart. He knows how to fill my heart so full that it eeks out of my eyes. He wants me to not just live a life, but a full one. One in which I can thrive. So he blesses me with chaos.

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  1. Lisa ward says:

    Well said Laurie …
    That’s comfortable chaos if I ever heard/saw it ♥️

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