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Value. Worth. If you are like me you are always looking at how to increase the value of your home. Or trying to keep our cars well maintained to help retain their value. Before we decide to invest or purchase an item we want to make sure we are getting a good value or that the price we pay is “worth” it. What about our husbands and their value or how about adding value to their lives.

When I think about trying to do something to please Jeff, I will ask him, “what can I do for you today?” I think about it as a task or an action. One that would make his day easier or better. That is I used to think of it that way.

Jeff on the other hand will ask me, “how can I add value to your life today laurie gibson?” Or he will do something for me and when I ask why he did it, he will tell me that he was thinking about how he could add value to my day. WOW! That is a whole different mind-set than just doing something for someone else.

That attitude has changed my thinking and heart. I don’t want to just “complete a task” for my husband to make his load lighter, I want to add value to him! I want to find ways to increase his value; to invest in him because as a child of God, father to my children and husband, he is worth it.

God gives us the best example of adding value to our lives in how He invests in us. How much He loves us. He felt that we were so valuable that He “invested” his son. That wasn’t just a task or an action to make our days easier or load lighter; that was a whole different mind-set. That was an attitude led by His heart not only to let us know how valuable we are to him, but to add value and worth to each of us. I like to call that a “heartitude”. Something to think about.

This week, how will you add value to your husband’s day? Allow God to change your attitude to become that of a heartitude!

Make it a day filled with joy!

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