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smiling from the inside out

There are days when continuing to raise an adult with Autism is really challenging. And then there are those days, even those little moments that my son can make me smile from the inside out. Sometimes it is with something big and other times it is just a simple little scene. But it always makes me smile and usually teaches me a life lesson.

After a very rough night, “Oh, it’s just a little hole in the wall. We can fix it”, this morning Justin was watching the FOX10 morning show. There was a segment with models coming out to show some fashions for New Year’s parties. As each one came out Justin would say, “Hello. How you doing?”  Yep, smiled from the inside out.

Then the Wendy Williams show came on. With even greater enthusiasm, he announced, “she’s here, she’s here!” and clapped. Do these people know they have such a huge friend?!

Justin doesn’t “really” know these people and yet he greeted them with anticipation, enthusiasm and a smile; even applauded their arrival. What if we greeted others with this same attitude? How would it change their day? How would it change ours?

All I know is because of Justin and his actions; today my day just got a whole lot brighter! Thanks Bud!

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