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The Day to Day

For some time now, I have been doing things that I thought my husband would appreciate. I had changed some of my thinking and how I handle issues or decisions. Last week we got into a conversation where I realized that he had not even noticed what I had been doing for him to add value to his life, and make it more enjoyable just in the day to day of things. I felt frustrated and disappointed with the lack of appreciation or even just the acknowledgment of my efforts.

Several days later I was making the drive to the Central Christian Church Gilbert campus. I was moving along pretty smoothly without interruption, singing with the radio which was playing much too loud, but hey, it was worship music, so…and just enjoying my thoughts and the moment. I began to realize that I had been getting all green lights and I did not even “need” them as I was not running late or in a hurry, which is usually the case; late and praying for those lights to be green. I thought, wow, thanks God. Thanks for giving me this little pleasure in my day today.

And I began to think-with the help of the Holy Spirit-I wonder how many other things that God does for me on a daily basis that go unappreciated or even without acknowledgment. Those things that God does for me to add value to my life or just simply to make my day more enjoyable and I just take it all for granted. I wonder if he gets disappointed or frustrated with me. Hmm…sounds familiar.

That “God moment” did 2 things for me:

First, God loves me and gets such joy out of adding value to my daily life. And it is that love and joy that motivates Him not the recognition that He may or may not get. It is that same love and joy that should motivate me to do the things that I do for others!

Second, it made me stop and give God gratitude for what He does for me on a daily basis that brings me pleasure, enjoyment or ease. I began to make a mental list of the daily things I get to be a part of because my Lord lavishes His love on me in the little day to day things in life that really add up!

Won’t you join me?! Let’s make our lists!

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  1. Debbie Carpenter says:

    Love this, Laurie! What a great, thought provoking message!

    Congrats on starting your blog!!🤗

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